About Our Principal

I am honored to be the founding principal of the Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School and extremely excited about providing unique learning experiences for our girls both academically and socially. In my 21 years in education as a teacher and administrator I have always believed that learning should include meaningful, purposeful, hands-on moments; not just activities, but opportunities for learning to be connected to the world around us. Expeditionary Learning is a perfect partner to allow this to occur and prepare our girls for advanced thinking and application! It is a framework that values character development as much as academic, and experience has shown me that in order to be successful beyond high school, integrity and knowledge must coexist equally.

Research on single gender education has outlined positive effects on girls. As a mother of a daughter who attends an all-girls high school, I have observed the positive impact single gender education has on girls. Distractions are removed which allow girls to focus on their development as scholars and young women. My daughter has developed a sense of confidence that will enable her to be successful in college. She is articulate, strong and has a solid sense of her self and worth! That is my goal for our LMCJ students! We will build on the skills our girls possess and nurture those skills into a  formula for success.

I welcome and value your input, and look forward to meeting every family very soon!


Damia C Thomas