Welcome Lillie May Families!

If you are reading this blog entry, then KUDOS to you!! You have found the place to read about great school-to-home tips that you can use as a parent, or guardian with your scholar. Education is changing and is certainly different from how we remember it when we went to school so this blog will serve as a tool for you to reconnect with the changing education demands. The goal is to discuss the topics that are relevant to us as an all-girls school so you stay knowledgeable about academic and behavior strategies. At times this blog with give direct advice, or a strategy to use with your growing adolescent scholar; and other times, it may just be a commentary on something that is impacting our school community. If you want to stay informed...this is where you need to be weekly.

I am extremely excited about sharing this journey with you and look forward to learning and growing together as a school family! Come back and visit very soon grin