Faculty & Staff

Expeditionary Learning classrooms are alive with discovery, inquiry, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. Teachers talk less. Students talk and think more. Lessons have explicit purpose, guided by learning targets for which students take ownership and responsibility. In all subject areas, teachers differentiate instruction and maintain high expectations in order to bring out the best in all students and cultivate a culture of high achievement.
  • Staff

  • Maiesha Dockett

    I am currently finishing my 7th year of teaching in Baltimore City Public Schools. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Coppin State University in 2008. I completed my Master’s in Literacy Education as a Reading Specialist at Loyola University Maryland in 2012.

    Over the last seven years while teaching in low-performing elementary schools in Baltimore, I have become deeply invested in making Baltimore the best place possible for our kids and their families.  I love working with younger students, but I decided to make a change based on how I could have the most impact.  I believe that the best way to achieve transformational change in our schools and neighborhoods is to work (relentlessly) together.  I knew that LMCJ has an excellent team working hard to lay the foundation to change girls’ lives. I look forward to the opportunity to work collaboratively as part of such a dedicated team.

  • Amanda Doran

    I chose to join LMCJ for the inaugural year for so many reasons! I am passionate about education in general, opportunities for young women to flourish together, the community of Baltimore City, and active learning. Also, I have found that middle school has just the right amounts of goofiness, innocence, maturity, and open-mindedness.

  • Sierra Smith

    I’m looking forward to joining the LMCJ team because of my passion for deep, rich Expeditionary Learning and my commitment to working with young women. I’m ecstatic to return to the East Coast and bring my love of adventure, interdisciplinary learning, and community involvement with me to a new school. I hope to help forge lasting opportunities for the students and help craft a culture of empathy and respect by fostering a love for learning and for our new LMCJ community.

  • Fellows

  • Tanesha Chester

    The reason I choose to work for Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School is because I enjoy working with scholars. I think that becoming a patt of the team I have a lot to offer. I am a great mentor to students and find satisfaction in helping young minds develop. I have worked at in the public school system for 5 years partnering with teachers administrators, staff, parents, and scholars to create a value-based school environment that promotes student learning and leadership. I believe that by taking this position I will help prep young girls for the challenges they will face both in and out the classroom. Through this opportunity I will bring my expertise in behavior management and conflict resolution practices. I am eager to become an integral part of the new foundation for the betterment of girls in Baltimore City.

  • Tanaira Cullens

    I first heard about Lillie May while attending an alumnae event at its partner school Roland Park Country School. I was interested right away after hearing more about the school's mission and plans for educating and nurturing young women. I chose the Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School because I believe in the benefits of single sex education. As the product of an all-girls school myself I am excited to be a part of the LMO team and look forward to working with eager young minds. I also chose Lillie May because I am intrigued by the freshness of the program, the use of expeditionary learning and the fact that the program is malleable, so it can evolve over time. I must also admit that I am ecstatic about sharing my love of science with young women and hopefully piquing their interest enough that they want to become the next Marie Curie, Rachel Carson or Mae Jemison. It is my sincere hope that the seeds we plant today with these inaugural scholars will blossom into beacons of hope not just for Baltimore but for the world.

  • Eddie Robinson

    I chose Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School because I have a passion for youth development. I also firmly believe in women equality in every capacity. Growing up in the south and Virgin Islands I always idolized my father because he always gave back to the youth through education and fitness. I want to become a role model for the young women at LMCJS and help prepare scholars to become better citizens for others. I believe education is critical to reach ones full potential. As a Teaching Fellow at LMCJS, I plan to work with others to create a space for ultimate success. Being an educator has always been a dream of mine and I am glad to serve the women of LMCJS.

  • Vanessa Robinson

    My name is Venessa Robinson and I am excited to be a part of this founding team for LMCJS! I first came across the LMCJS website in late April. I was on a serious job search and the school struck a chord in me. I was intrigued with the concept of an all girls' school, particularly at the middle school age level. Being a mom of an amazing daughter, I knew that I wanted to help other girls begin the path to reaching their fullest potential. It is at this critical point in a girl's life when she becomes aware of herself and her capabilities. To be a role model and facilitator in her journey is both an honor and a privilege.