Faculty & Staff

Expeditionary Learning classrooms are alive with discovery, inquiry, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. Teachers talk less. Students talk and think more. Lessons have explicit purpose, guided by learning targets for which students take ownership and responsibility. In all subject areas, teachers differentiate instruction and maintain high expectations in order to bring out the best in all students and cultivate a culture of high achievement.

Kristin Sparkman Director of Administration [email protected]
Maiesha Dockett ELA Teacher and Testing Coordinator [email protected]
Stephanie Okonkwo Lead Teaching Fellow [email protected]
Joseph Beach Paraprofessinal [email protected]
Damia Thomas Principal [email protected]
Nadiyah Herrera Humanities Teacher [email protected]
Antoinella Peterkin Teaching Fellow and Etiquette Teacher [email protected]
Fahari Makini Director of Climate and Culture [email protected]
Stacey Ditlevson ELA and Writing Teacher [email protected]
Lakeisha Moore Teaching Fellow   [email protected]
Amanda Eby Director of Scholar Development/High School Placement [email protected]
Ka’rin Lane Teaching Fellow [email protected]
Dinea Mahoney SPED Teacher [email protected]
Laura Kameen SPED Teacher [email protected]
Krystal Darby Teaching Fellow [email protected]
Kim Smith Math Teacher [email protected]
Tanesha Chester Teaching Fellow [email protected]
Tishea Lester Science Teaching Fellow [email protected]
Eason Robinson Teaching Fellow [email protected]
Sajida Davis Math Teacher [email protected]
LaToya Parker Humanities Teacher [email protected]
Tiffany Arnold ELA Teacher [email protected]
Mark Anthony Gym Teacher [email protected]
Rosalind Fleming Resident Principal [email protected]
Seth Michaels Math Teacher [email protected]
Ivy Baker Teaching Fellow [email protected]
Monica Palumbo Art Teacher [email protected]
Jaz Erenberg Art Teacher [email protected]
Laurel Freedman Executive Director [email protected]
Jeanna Booker Dance Teacher [email protected]