Academic Program

At LMCJ, we know that learning unlocks opportunities for our girls. Our program prioritizes critical thinking, critical inquiry, and self discovery. Below is our vision for instruction, what we teach, and how we know our scholars are learning.

Instructional Vision

We believe that in order for scholars to engage in critical thinking, critical inquiry, and self-discovery, learning must be active, engaging, and meaningful. 

Course Offerings

All scholars participate in rigorous literacy, math, humanities, and science courses aligned with national standards as part of regular classroom instruction. Our literacy, science, and humanities curriculum prioritize strong literacy and critical thinking skills; scholars are asked to read, synthesize, and question the validity of all information studied. Scholars rarely engage with textbooks; they unpack novels, articles, and scientific graphs in order to discover meaning and make decisions about what they believe–we call these claims. The same thinking required to synthesize information in our literacy-based courses is also needed for math. In our math classes, scholars focus on building conceptual understanding, adaptive reasoning, problem-solving, and computational fluency. 

Math and Algebra I: For math and Algebra I, we follow Common Core State Math Standards and use Eureka Math curriculum. Eureka Math curriculum pushes past rote memorization, encouraging deeper understanding. 

This year, we are excited to launch our Algebra I program for 8th grade scholars who have shown readiness based on assessment data, teacher observations, and grades. 

English Language Arts: EL Curriculum  is a comprehensive, research-informed, core language arts program that engages teachers and students through compelling, real world content. Combining this vision with common core state standards, EL curriculum prioritizes equity and inclusion; social and emotional learning; and deep content knowledge as well as reading about topics in different content areas. Learn more about EL’s approach here

Humanities: We prioritize EL’s model of in depth study in order to help scholars develop life-long learning skills; we place an emphasis in going deep on topics, rather than studying a broad range of topics in less detail. Our Humanities curriculum focuses on exposing our scholars to the authentic history of Black and Brown people, constantly asking whose story is told and whose story is left out? In Humanities, scholars learn about diverse topics in ancient history, modern history, world history, and U.S History. Standards align to national C3 standards which emphasize the acquisition and application of knowledge to prepare students for college, career, and civic life. It intentionally envisions social studies instruction as an inquiry arc of interlocking and mutually reinforcing elements that speak to the intersection of ideas and learners. 

Science: Using Next Generation Science Standards ensures that scholars will develop an in-depth understanding of content and develop key skills—communication, collaboration, inquiry, problem solving, and flexibility—that will serve them throughout their educational and professional lives. At LMCJ, we achieve this with Amplify Science curriculum. Amplify Science blends hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools to empower students to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers.

In addition to our core content areas, scholars receive a unique experience in the ARTS education. Scholars take Theater, Visual Arts, Dance, and Mind and Body courses, which focus on mental and physical health. At LMCJ, all scholars’ gifts and talents are seen, nourished, and celebrated! Scholars take Theater, Visual Arts, Dance, and Mind and Body courses, which focus on mental health and physical health. 

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